3 Reasons you should get to know BGR

3 Reasons you should get to know BGR

  1. Baptist Global Response connects people in need with people who care. The “people in need” are those suffering from acute problems such as disasters, wars, epidemics, etc. as well as chronic ones including poverty, hunger, poor health, etc. The “people who care” are Southern Baptists who want to be involved in making a significant difference in the lives of needy people worldwide.
  2. BGR is a key partner to the IMB and Southern Baptists.  It is a world class relief agency.  It is often the go to agency for other agencies who look to BGR to provide support.
  3. Baptist Global Response was created to help Southern Baptists become more effective and efficient in responding to global needs created by acute and chronic situations. BGR seeks to coordinate the global resources of Southern Baptists in response to natural disasters, catastrophic crises, and chronic humanitarian needs outside the United States and Canada.

Are you looking for a way to give to people in need and know that all of the funds will actually get to those who need the help?  BGR is a great option!

BGR Website


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