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Often people contact us asking for prayer resources for the people group with whom they are working. We have put together a list of great resources for praying through the nations.  Do you have another suggestion?  Add it below!

IMBPray – this site includes daily and weekly prayer guides.  It has a place to subscribe to prayer newsletters, resources for your small group or church, and information on the School of Prayer for All Nations.

PrayerCast – is a ministry that provides short prayer videos for most countries as well as major world religions.  The site provides a summary page for each country.  This is a great place to download videos for your small group or church. is a wonderful website for an up to date statistical look at different people groups and countries around the world.  This site provides you information for you to be able to pray with better insight as to the realties of the work amongst a particular people group.

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3 Reasons you should get to know BGR

  1. Baptist Global Response connects people in need with people who care. The “people in need” are those suffering from acute problems such as disasters, wars, epidemics, etc. as well as chronic ones including poverty, hunger, poor health, etc. The “people who care” are Southern Baptists who want to be involved in making a significant difference in the lives of needy people worldwide.
  2. BGR is a key partner to the IMB and Southern Baptists.  It is a world class relief agency.  It is often the go to agency for other agencies who look to BGR to provide support.
  3. Baptist Global Response was created to help Southern Baptists become more effective and efficient in responding to global needs created by acute and chronic situations. BGR seeks to coordinate the global resources of Southern Baptists in response to natural disasters, catastrophic crises, and chronic humanitarian needs outside the United States and Canada.

Are you looking for a way to give to people in need and know that all of the funds will actually get to those who need the help?  BGR is a great option!

BGR Website


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Today is the national day of prayer for the USA.

I often ask you to pray for our ministry, partners, and countries overseas. Today let’s join together to pray for the United States of America. Our friends at PrayerCast have put together a great video to help us with our prayer.



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Recently a massive 6.8 earthquake devastated many parts of Ecuador.  Southern Baptist missionaries and many others are responding to those who are in need.  Curious about Ecuador or how to pray for this nation?  Visit this website.

Ecuador Prayer


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